The Rays

This is a brief introduction to the Seven Rays. Please choose the Ray you are interested in learning more about:

Ray 1 (Will, Power, and Authority)

Ray One emphasizes the qualities of will, power and authority. The independent, self-motivated, persevering individual fits in this category the person who wants to do things his or her own way. This individual, who may tend to be the rather aloof “loner,” has the ability to handle leadership and responsibility, and the capacity to grasp large ideas without worrying about details. There may be an apparent discipline or rebellion problem in direct relation to an unwillingness to accept authority. This ambitious person may have a tendency to control others, which actually is based on their natural gift of leadership and ability to direct effectively and efficiently.

In a community setting the Ray One person might be found active in politics. A born leader, this person will “stand out” in whatever activity s/he chooses to participate in, and is likely to preside over the activity or organization. It is likely there would be a strong competitive drive perhaps as an athlete or coach in competitive sports.

If Ray One is a primary influence, you are probably a natural leader of some sort. It is likely that you will find yourself in positions of responsibility, and because of your unique ability to see a big picture, you may even direct others. The life direction may be one of destroying the old forms to make way for the new forms of spirit in matter.

Vocational tendencies would include positions of leadership and authority. They might be chief executive officers, political leaders, holding responsible positions in government, the military and law enforcement agencies, in charge of a construction company, or some area within this type of demolition work, a fearless firefighter, etc. This type is the natural leader.

Strengths include courage, steadfastness, strength, truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness, power to rule, ability to grasp questions in a large perspective, strong sense of purpose, detachment, will power, independence, and one-pointed focus.

Challenges include pride, ambition, willfulness, hardness, arrogance, desire to control others, obstinacy, anger, impatience, destructiveness, and violence.

Ray 2 (Love, Wisdom, and Understanding)

Ray Two emphasizes the qualities of love, wisdom and understanding. Sensitivity, patience, cooperation, intuitive understanding, conscientiousness, clear intelligence and the desire for a complete and comprehensive view are predominant characteristics of this person. Friendly and considerate, this individual may well develop an attachment to those they are close to. There is often a concern about popularity, and a love of being loved. There may be an over-absorption in study, and there might be a tendency to move rather slowly (lack of energy) yet thoroughly. The Ray Two person works easily in group formation, will show a natural concern for others, and has the capacity of making others see things as he/she sees them, usually presenting a true view of things. Also, this person has the capacity to ask thoughtful questions.

In the community setting, the Ray Two individual might be found in a peer-counseling group, as a tutor in some position of helping others. Service oriented groups would attract this person, as would volunteer work. This person is the natural educator.

If Ray Two is a primary influence, you may naturally move in the direction of academics or study perhaps as an educator in your chosen field. Because of your innate ability to draw forth the best in others, any of the helping professions might be appropriate. The life direction may be one of helping others to more fully express their true selves.

Vocational tendencies would include positions requiring love and an understanding of people. Teaching, religious and spiritual work, psychology or psychotherapy, human resources development occupations offering an opportunity for unfolding the true potential of people would attract the Ray Two individual.

Strengths include loving understanding, compassion, studiousness, calm, patience and endurance, love of truth, clear intelligence, tolerance, serene temper, inclusiveness, power to teach and illumine, faithfulness, and intuition.

Challenges include too much study and no action, love of being loved, too great an attachment to others, over-sensitivity, self-pity, inability to say no, coldness, and thinking less of a person because they are not as quick mentally as you are.

Ray 3 (Active Intelligence and Adaptability)

Ray Three emphasizes the qualities of active intelligence and adaptability. This person is a resourceful, creative thinker with a talent for abstract reasoning and an ability to skillfully handle many different ideas. A great deal of activity would be natural, and they are excellent communicators perhaps even excessively talkative. Also, this person s creative knack for expanding ideas might lend itself to excessive writing. Caution is another quality of Ray Three, and, combined with a tolerance for many ideas and beliefs, allows one to look at issues from all sides. In fact, they are great synthesizers. There may not be much concern with the appearance of work, however this person is quite capable of doing many things at once. Type three loves theory and may have many interesting ideas, but is often too impractical to carry them out. There may be a tendency to “play games with” or manipulate others, although strategizing is a natural talent.

In the community setting, the Ray Three individual might be found generating ideas (brainstorming) and generally organizing and manipulating arrangements for numerous activities. The creative, innovative ideas might be practically applied by others, since this person is not particularly interested in details. However, this individual is quite capable of planning strategy and enjoys doing so. Ray Three might work for the local newspaper, since there is a natural verbal facility and command of ideas. Business and finance would also attract this person.

If Ray Three is a primary influence, you may have an entrepreneurial tendency. Your ability to strategize and come up with new ideas will be useful in think-tank situations. The life direction may be one of activity, based on the ability to do many things at once, with the underlying motive of creative manifestation revealing the spirit in form.

Vocational tendencies would include positions that require considerable intellectual power and resourcefulness. These individuals are in business and finance, academic and theoretical work, and would be good at market speculation. Participation in creative think tanks would be natural for this Ray, and the tendency to think abstractly lends itself to philosophy and academics. Advertising is another strong field. This type is the natural entrepreneur and financier.

Strengths include the ability to conceptualize abstract problems, exceptional ability to plan strategy, capacity for concentration on philosophic studies, ability to handle complexity, patience, caution, absence of the tendency to worry oneself or others over trifles, clear intellect, and sincerity of purpose.

Challenges include intellectual pride, coldness, isolation, inaccuracy in details, absent-mindedness, obstinacy, hyperactivity, being spread too thin, excessive thinking without practical application, and deviousness.

Ray 4 (Harmony Through Conflict)

Ray Four emphasizes the qualities of harmony through conflict. Traits of this person include a love of harmony and beauty (a keen aesthetic sensitivity), and the ability to bridge differences between people and groups. Ray Four is often a good mediator or master of ceremony. This individual has a good sense of color (often a colorful dresser) and may show an artistic talent or have a flair for entertaining others. This person will tend to excel in areas where imaginative creativity can be demonstrated, such as literature and drama. Mood swing is a tendency, and the individual might easily be overwhelmed by a sense of failure (but bounces back quickly). Procrastination, putting things off until tomorrow, is also a trait. While Ray Four often has inner conflict, and sometimes this results in conflict and differences with others, a good sense of humor and flexibility are usually present, and tend to balance the picture. The result: someone who is both delightful and difficult.

In the community setting, the Ray Four individual might be found involved in theater, or beautification projects. It is likely that this person would be an active member of the entertainment committee for various events. Good at bridging or mediating, Ray Four would work well on a liaison committee. This person might also be found in the artistic community.

If Ray Four is a primary influence, you may find yourself in the humanities and arts, conscious of creating beauty with an eye for color. The natural tendency towards drama and harmony may lead you into areas where your acting ability will serve you well. The life direction will be towards bridging and harmonizing work with large groups or individuals, as you strive to resolve conflicts and bring out the innate beauty and divinity in the world around you.

Vocational tendencies would include positions requiring a strong sense of harmony and beauty. Drama, theater, music, poetry any artistic endeavor could hold great interest for Ray Four. Humanities (the arts), decoration, beautification and entertainment would attract this person. Peacemaking, mediation, and interpersonal skills would also be choices. Psychotherapy (especially conflict resolution) and massage are also fields of interest. This individual is the natural artist and mediator.

Strengths include the ability to mediate (bridge) and resolve conflicts, strong affections, sympathy, physical courage, generosity, devotion, quickness of intellect and perception, love of beauty and color and the ability to express and/or create it, strong imagination and intuition.

Challenges include self-centeredness, worrying, inaccuracy, lack of moral courage, strong passions, indolence (laziness), lack of confidence, extravagance, exaggeration, moodiness, and the tendency to compromise.

Ray 5 (Scientific Study and Investigation)

Ray Five emphasizes the qualities of scientific study and investigation. This person has strong research abilities, keen intelligence, analytical ability, common sense, and a fine memory. Testing and verification of knowledge, accompanied by perseverance, are strong points. This individual is also very truthful. This is someone who enjoys specializing in an area, has technical expertise, and is always looking for the facts. Inventiveness and an understanding of how something works are also traits. There may be difficulty seeing the synthesis of things. Ray Five may tend to be too critical, excessively intellectual and factual, and have a lack of emotional sensitivity. There may also be a lack of social development and spontaneous response.

In the community setting, the Ray Five individual would probably be active in local research or activities involved with technical skills and understanding. This person would probably be a computer whiz, an accountant or might be on the technical lighting crew for local theater. Auto mechanics and audio-visual work would attract Ray Five individuals.

If Ray Five is a primary influence, you may find yourself researching an area of interest in order to shed light on specific questions or theories. Or, you may find that your gift is invention the how to comes easy to you. The life direction is one of revealing the truth, and illuminating the spirit within the form.

Vocational tendencies would include positions in which research and in-depth studies of an area of interest were primary. Science, applied math, engineering and computer programming are career potentials. As an inventor, technician, lab worker, auto-mechanic, accountant, clerk, or audio-visual aid person, this is someone whose common sense and detailed, linear thinking would suit these positions well. Jobs that provide an opportunity for bringing to light a specific area of interest are primary for this type. This individual is the natural scientist and researcher.

Strengths include mechanical ability, strictly accurate statements, ability to invent, justice, perseverance, uprightness, independence, keen intellect, mastery of factual detail, and common sense.

Challenges include harsh criticism, arrogance, lack of sympathy, unforgiving temper, critical and narrow thinker, too much objectivity, separativeness, lack of sympathy and reverence, and prejudice.

Ray 6 (Idealism and Devotion)

Ray Six emphasizes the qualities of idealism and devotion. This person is enthusiastic, motivated, is able to inspire others, and gets people excited about something they believe in. This is the person you want to work with you on an important project. They really care, are extremely loyal, and work very hard. They may demonstrate strong belief patterns certain views and orientations may be held almost fanatically and there may be a tendency towards extremist behavior. Activism and support of various causes would be typical. Emotionalism and over-excitability are frequent traits. Sometimes the individual becomes dependent on the person or cause to which they are devoted. This often driven and intense individual must be careful of “burning out” due to too much intensity and drive. Ray Six would probably be very patriotic, perhaps a hero-worshipper, would tend to idealize, and might have strong religious inclinations.

In the community setting, the Ray Six individual tends to be a follower. This person is sought after because they are devoted to a given project or cause, and will work hard and tirelessly. They will raise money for a cause, volunteer their service, actively participate in sit-ins or walkouts for a cause they believe in, and are motivational and inspiring speakers. An enthusiastic, optimistic participant, Ray Six might be a member of the community marching band, or active in groups that involve loyal support of school and community activities. This individual would probably be quite active in local church activities.

If Ray Six is a primary influence, you may find yourself active for causes in which you really believe. One of your gifts is motivation, and speaking probably comes easily to you. Therefore, you may find yourself teaching, training, presenting in some way, shape or form. The life direction is one of somehow sharing your ideal with others to make life better and help others realize their divinity.

Vocational tendencies include positions where one must totally believe in what one is doing. Areas such as religious work, all forms of promoting, activism, and charity are typical vocations. This individual might be an orator or preacher. Involvement in causes and special interest groups such as animal rights or environmental protection is also typical. This person is the natural activist and inspirational speaker.

Strengths include high idealism, devotion, power to inspire and motivate, ability to envision the goal, loyalty, intuition, love, tenderness, self-sacrifice for a person or cause, power to persuade, and reverence.

Challenges include selfish and jealous love, over dependence on others, partiality, self-deception, superstition, prejudice, jumping to conclusions, blind faith, emotionalism, intolerance, fanaticism, and fiery anger.

Ray 7 (Organization and Rhythmic Activity)

Ray Seven emphasizes the qualities of organization and rhythmic activity. This is a practical person who likely has highly organized habits; one who prefers a well scheduled, highly structured life. For example, a structured academic environment might be more conducive to learning, and a structured work environment may lead to increased productivity. A very efficient individual, with the ability to manage many details, Ray Seven can get a lot done in a short time (no waste of time or energy) and the work will be neat, orderly, and attractively presented. Good manners, social sophistication, and neat dress also characterize this individual. The Ray Seven individual is extremely resourceful and self-reliant, and finds practical, useful applications for knowledge. This person may become trapped in routine, and is not always adaptable to change.

In the community setting, the Ray Seven individual works well as a member of a group, and has a talent for organization and administration. This person enjoys patterns, formations and rehearsals, and will likely be found organizing and arranging the group activity in which they participate. Ray Seven is good at exact arrangement, and might well be the one to actually manifest a traditional dance, or ceremony such as the annual holiday parade. This person would tend to be the organizer behind a large activity. Parliamentary procedure, fashion design, sculpture and architecture would probably be of interest. This individual might be the choreographer for the community play, or in charge of layout design and graphic arts for the local paper, bringing an idea into form. Aerobics might be another area of interest.

If Ray Seven is a primary influence, there may be a tendency towards creating a new world order, i.e., whatever you decide to do, you have the ability to create new forms for operation. Your natural rhythm and affinity for organization will help you in whatever life or job situation to bring order and exact arrangement to the situation. The life direction is one of creating and adapting the perfect form or design for which efficient, effective and productive life may benefit.

Vocational tendencies include positions in which organization and an understanding of form (bringing an idea into perfect form) are important. These include administration and management, all aspects of design and architecture, building and construction, detailed planning and execution, and religious or ceremonial ritual. These individuals might also work in factories or similar jobs where there are routines and patterns, as well as areas where new creative ideas are made practical. This person is the natural administrator and ritualist.

Strengths include perseverance, courage, strength, courtesy, extreme care in details, ability to organize, good sense of rhythm and timing, power to create order, ability to bring ideas into form, fine ability as a ceremonialist, self-reliance, and respect for laws, rules and regulations.

Challenges include formalism, bigotry, pride, narrowness, superficial judgments (based on appearance), perfectionism, excessive conformity (or non-conformity), favoring form over content, and over-indulging in self-opinion.